WORX Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drills Driver Review

The WORX Switchdriver cordless drills and driver provides you the smooth and calm power tool which can bring love and eager to your work. This WORX Switchdriver provides you 2 functionalities in one tool. When you’re replacing bits, this tool has a feature of rotating head which minimize the time taken. This feature is best as it will enhance tour skills and make it very easy and quick to drill holes as well as driving in screws

So, you can switch between drilling and screwing very easily and the swift would be very simple with this WORX Switchdriver. For some additional performances, this cordless drill boasts the speed 2x with which you can handle all driving and drilling needs.

The WORX Switchdriver cordless drill is a very friendly tool which take cares of your bits as well as the drilling area. To do this, the device gives an electronic torque control.

This WORX Switchdriver benefits in evading screw doffing and avoiding the damage to other functioning tools. The 12-speed setting is excellent in providing sufficient power which allows accurate drilling or driving.

Due to this, this drill needs less power to work. 20Volts battery influences this practice while LED light illumines in dark conditions.


  • Spinning dual chuck platform
  • Extremely easy to control
  • Substitutable batteries with other gears
  • Ergonomic and protected design


  • Hard to take out the battery
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