Pink Power PP182 18V Women Cordless Drills Review

Manual drills will drain all your energy while delivering low performance so forget about these, now you have cordless drill from Pink Power which will give you effortless experience.

Pink Power PP182 Cordless drill for women makes your home maintenance and repairs smooth and quick, this one provides efficient drilling due to fitted bubble level unlike other drills on the market. Moreover, pressing the trigger; LED lights automatically turned on which improve visibility.

Power PP182 cordless drill comes with a magnetic base which provides hands-free screw and bit placement and thus, provides secure operations so no more manual bit changing. When equipped with a battery, this drill weighs just 3.5 pounds when equipped with a battery thus straining in your fingers or wrist due to weight stress.

A keyless block is easy to replace while 500rpm and 16 setting torque which brings power to your fingertips. 18Volts NiCad battery provides power to the drill.


  • Inbuilt bubble level for precise drilling
  • Lightweight construction
  • Magnetic enhanced base
  • Automatically lighting LED


  • Less power output than rivals
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