Milwaukee M18 FUEL Review

If you’re a professional builder or contractor, and you want to use a tool for hard work and also for long time, you need more than just power and a comfortable grip, you will need a drill that’s durable, versatile and long lasting. The can get all these specs in Milwaukee M18 FUEL.

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This drill has high power rating as compared to the Kobalt model. it spins at a maximum speed of 1,850 RPM and produces up to 650 inch-pounds of torque.

However, it has an upper hand over Kobalt. It scored an A+ in our battery life test, and that’s because of unique REDLITHIUM battery, and you get a spare battery also ikinstead of one. Even though it takes an hour to fully recharge a dead battery, you can expect it to last a very long time. This drill scored a B in our user experience survey. Several users noted that it feels heavier than the rest. One even commented that it “would wear me out fast.” With the weight of 5 pounds, this one is the heaviest drill from those which we tested. But the power it delivers and the long life, compensates for the extra weight. High power plus a long battery life makes the Milwaukee M18 FUEL an excellent choice for people who use a cordless drill on a daily basis.


  • Longest-lasting battery
  • Highest power rating – 650 inch-pounds of torque
  • Most versatile drill we evaluated


  • Heaviest drill we reviewed
  • Hour-long recharge time
  • Not a good fit for home users
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