Do you know that the basic furniture jointer in the world was first invented over 6000 years ago? 

Yes, you are right! The examples are coming from ancient Indian and Egyptian furniture. Labor-saving power apparatus like jointers do assist this. At present, we can easily make complex and amazing joints in a single day. 

If you are waiting to take the wood-working to the next stage, then the best benchtop jointer is the thing you are looking for. Today, we will get the answer to all of the questions regarding jointers. Are you interested to know what are the market offers and the detailed reviews? We are presenting the best benchtop jointer reviews available in the present market.

The Best Benchtop Jointers In The Market:

At this moment, you already know what are you looking for. Are you ready to purchase the best  jointer for your new workshop? Here, is the list of the best jointers currently available in the market. Try to keep in mind the vital considerations while comparing the models.


  • Size and table size: Cutech bench jointer has introduced the 40180H-CT model in the widespread requirement for the 8” benchtop jointers. The table length is 33 ½ inch and it is fully extendable. 
  • Cutter head: In addition, they have added the spiral-styled cutter head. The 16 carbides double-sided head can be inserted to reduce tear-out and gives a perfect finish.
  • Dust port adapters: The 2.5’’ and 4.5” dust port adapter ensures you are not left sneezing or coughing in dust or debris, either.
  • Fence: The one-piece, completely-adjustable fence can be tilted from 90 degrees to 135 degrees.
  • The material used: The construction of cast aluminum adds extensive strength to it. They have also permitted the labeling of infeed and outfeed tables, as the extensions.
  • Portability: This kind of effortlessly portable benchtop jointers weigh around 50 lbs which makes it comparatively heavier to lift than the others, but they are portable.
  • Power: 120 volts and 10-ampere engine help to push out immediately above 1.8 HP which makes it a user-friendly and slick tool.
  • Added advantage: There are some push blocks along with some other tools in the box that you need to fiddle with cutter tips. 
  • Warranty: this model of cue tech jointer has 3 years warranty on the engine and 30 days replacement policy.


  • Gives excellent finish to the woodEasy to setting it upVery easy to maintain


  • Can’t cut the hard woods very fast

Delta Power Tools 37-071 6” MIDI-Bench Jointer:

Delta Power Tools 37-071 6” MIDI-Bench Jointer:

Delta Power Tools 37-071 6” MIDI-Bench Jointer praise itself for their new innovation. Though we are not sure about the white finishing on this type of unit comes under this category or not. However, there is a  little fault with actual unit itself.

  • Size and table size: This kind of 6’’ jointers come in medium size. The table length is 28”  which is not bad with respect to the benchtop jointer.
  • Cutter head: There are two knives that give power to the strong aluminum cutter head. Well, it can give you up to  ⅛ inch cut. 
  • Dust port adapters: However, we are a little bit disappointed with the 2 ¼ inch dust port adapters. Don’t you think it is too small for this unit? It is lackluster too.
  • Fence: The fence is fully adjustable and separable. The positive stops in this benchtop are designated at 45˚ and 90˚.
  •  Material used: It is one of the heavy benchtop jointers, but that is cast-iron speaking. However, it is a development on aluminum jointers, modification in earlier models. On the whole, this can be a solid option for a small DIY workshop that requires reliable jointing.
  • Portability: This midi jointer gives you extreme portability.
  • Power: Well, you can call it a little beast; a power-packed benchtop. Pairing up with a 1.8 HP (140V 10A) engine having 20,000 CPM and 10,000 rpm, it will you the superpower.
  • Added advantage: Overpowered engine and small size give you extreme portability with high energy.
  • Warranty: Delta power jointer gives you 5 years warranty on the engine and 30 days return policy.


  • They are sturdy.Ideal for hardwood cuttings


  • Manual toolNon-intelligible

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6’’ Jointer:

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Variable Speed 6’’ Jointer

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT is in high rank due to its cost. It suits for any point of craftsmanship. Being an expert or a beginner, this jointer is just for you.

  • Size and table size: The length of the cutting table is 30.1”. It is also in the list of 6” jointer in our list.
  • Cutter head: Cutter head of this jointer offers approx 23,000 cuts each minute which makes it work with soft and hardwood. Knife adjustment in this unit is very easy. The jackscrew knife leveling arrangement helps to facilitate this. The cutter head has a double knife setup.
  • Dust port adapters: Dust port adapters are separable and help to get rid of sneeze while using this jointer.
  • Fence: The center-mounted fence permits you enough support at the time of cutting.
  • Material used: The construction of cast aluminum is the key element of this kind of jointer; helps in weight reduction.
  • Portability: It offers you the utmost portability.
  • Power: This 6″ benchtop jointer offers you a wide range of speeds up to 12,000 RPM. 
  • Added advantage: This model comes with a set of extraordinary screws which are used to separate things together and allows enough stability for your adjustment. 
  • Warranty: This model gives you 3 years limited warranty and 10 days return policy.


  • Excellent valued productVery easy to assembleBlade speed is adjustable.


  • Fence is filmsy

WEN 6560T 6’’ Benchtop Jointer:

  • Size and table size: This benchtop jointer will give you a 6” table. However, it is a masterpiece at flattening, face-jointing and edging tasks. It offers you 28.5“table length.
  • Cutter head: On average 20,000 cuts in a minute makes the hardwoods feel soft. Its double blade 6.5“cutter head is a vital contender in spite of having smaller width of the table.
  • Dust port adapters: Onboard dust port adapter helps in simple cleanup, also.
  • Fence: Precision level adjustments are seen on the fence.
  • The material used: This model of a jointer is made up of cast iron which offers you a comparatively heavier jointer.
  • Portability: This 6’’ model of WEN will not give enough portability since the weight is 80lbs.
  • Power: This model offers a 120 V, 10 amp engine which is very powerful and lasts for a long time.
  • Added advantage: In this case, vibration is agreeably dampened, too. The spring-loaded guard helps to keep you in a safe hand.
  • Warranty: WEN 6560T has enough confidence in the product, support it with 2 years warranty. The customer service of WEN is very good, so do not get stress while needing help or assistance.


  • Good customer care service and 2 years warranty have blade speed 20,000 CPM


  • The fence comes in a twisted form, not in square’s quite expensive not easily portable

Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer, 6”:

Shopfox jointer is truly going to be a classy and budget-friendly option.

  • Size and table size: This 6’’ benchtop has an infeed table knob. This helps in precise control in cutting depth. 
  • Cutter head: However, the mini-impeller keeps your cutter head liberated of the chips.
  • Dust port adapters: The 2.5” dust port adapters can be used easily with a usual trash can. 
  • Fence: Shop fox has a superior fence that can be placed at 90 degrees; afterward you can expect to stay without having any complication. Having cast-iron fences, it gives you a considerable quality and also makes it a heavyweight unit. 
  • The material used: The body of the jointer is constructed of cast iron. The fence used here is of cast-aluminum.
  • Portability: Sometimes, you can consider it as heavy to move around, but it makes up to be portable.
  • Power: This powerful 1.8 HP (120V, 15 amp) motor gives tough performance. 10,000 rpm speed delivers around 20,000 CPM. 
  • Added advantage: it comes with a built-in mini dust collection fan that is an impeller driven and collection bag. 
  • Warranty: It comes with 3 years limited warranty but the gracious customer service always available to resolve your issue on time.


  • Emits less noise while workingHas extremely easy adjustable bladesHas cast iron fenceQuite affordable


  • Usually the table doesn’t align itselfThe fence is not tight enough

Grizzly G0725 6” Benchtop Jointer :

One of the famous brands like Grizzly Industrial also provides durable and strong tools like a good 6’’ benchtop jointer.

  • Size and table size: In this 6’’ jointer, the infeed table can easily be adjusted, but the outfeed table cannot.
  • Cutter head: This model provides you a sharp 6.8’’ cutter head which gives a smooth finish.
  • Dust port adapters:  The dust port adapter is basically tiny as compared to the other units. At 2.5”, it will get its job done. While the dust and dirt collection system is completely integrated.
  • Fence: Center-mounted fence of Grizzly is also made up of cast-iron. It helps to keep everything well-balanced. This fence also shapes it a full-bodied unit that can take a beating. 
  • Material used: It is majorly built of solid cast-iron. This is one of the heaviest benchtop jointers mentioned in our list. 
  • Portability: Being a cast-iron jointer, it is too heavy to move around.
  • Power: The cutter head can deliver 10,000 rpm speed, which is quite solid for maximum jobs. Please note that you won’t be able to expand for including rabbeting ledge. 
  • Added advantage:  It comes with a controlling fan for blowing dust out of your working surface area. 
  • Warranty: It gives a little short time warranty at only one year. On the other hand, maximum users believe this model is a dependable and solid purchase if you are a budget shopper.


  • Offers 6380 rpm all over speedProvides long-life batteryWeather-resistant technology


  • Sometimes, oil drips at the time of storage

Cutech 40160H-CT 6″ Benchtop Jointer:

Cutech 40160H-CT may look like cheap jointers, but you will find that it will stand up to test.  Compact design of this model is ideal for restricted spaces.

  • Size and table size: Having a 0.75” depth capacity, the 30” table makes it a surprisingly robust model. It is very easy for levelling the infeed and the outfeed table.
  • Cutter head: It has a spiral cutter head which has 12’’ double-sided inserts. You will get similar great finishing as the 8” table version.
  • Dust port adapters: A 2.5” dust port adapter keeps your things spotless, too.
  • Fence: The one-piece and center-mounted fence permit a 900 to 1350 tilt.
  • The material used: It is also made up of cast iron. 
  • Portability: Weighing 40lbs, it is extremely lightweight. For this reason, it is portable enough.
  • Power: With the same 120 V – 10 A motor, it is powerful enough although it is little.
  • Added advantage: Everything you require, includes the push blocks and the tools, are there in a special box.
  • Warranty: It comes with 5 years limited warranty but customer service always available to resolve your issue.


  • Budget-friendlyDust port adapter keeps everything spotlessPortable enough


  • Limited power as compared to 8’’ variant

Are bench top jointers any good?

Benchtop jointer is the essential tool for all who are involved in any kind of woodwork. A benchtop jointer is mandatory to process your wood durable and attractive as well whether it is your hobby or you are in this profession.

By modifying your twisted or warped wood, the benchtop jointer initiates the carpentry procedure. It has become the must-have tool when we talk about planing lumber.

Are bench top jointers any good?

A Benchtop jointer is designed to be useful and small. If you are working in a small venture, with so many small pieces of wood, a benchtop jointer is a way to go tool. Luckily, you can get a broad range of jointers that are available in online and stores. 

Is a jointer worth it?

Are you squaring the boundaries and flattening the faces of rough, oversized and warped lumber? If you want to tell about the blessing made any woodworker, the fact is quiet simple. The preliminary investment needed to purchase a jointer helps you to put aside your funds on a lumber for many years to come.

You can purchase a benchtop jointer if you have a tiny shop. Who would believe that right? A six inch jointer can make sense for 95% of your woodworking.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Jointer?

Benchtop jointers are not low-priced, but if you want to go for a cheap model, you can promptly find the new purchase will be going in your dustbin. Picking the correct model is basically the matter of quality of balancing and practical features against the budget.

The following buying guide will be helpful for you-

What Should I Look For When Buying a Jointer?
  • The metal body of the jointer: Are you looking for a long-lasting jointer? Then you must require the one which is made up of metal as much as possible. The cast-iron one offers you the best durable one for outfeed and infeed tables. 

An aluminum jointer is very common for the other gears because their durability .They are also very lightweight, keeping entire weight of  jointer will go down without compromising the trustworthiness.

  •  Weight of the jointer: There are some people who disagree that parallelogram-shaped beds are superior to the extendable and wedge ones because they give improved weight support. On the other hand, in performance, you most likely won’t see any disparity in sagging or wear between the models over existence of the jointer.
  • Size of jointer: Before taking into consideration the size of benchtop jointer you are planning to purchase, think critically regarding the size of the material you will be functioning with. It will help you to determine the length, breadth, and width of your jointer.

The measurement of jointer is always given according to the length of the knives. 

> 6-Inch: This small jointer is ideal for household woodworkers but it can also be used by contractors. They are usually user-friendly and inexpensive.

> 8-Inch: 8-inch jointers possess bigger sized knives. They have got lengthier beds. This kind of jointers is costlier and weighs more. It helps to allow work with substantial parts of lumber.

> 16-Inch: If you are looking for larger industrial benchtop jointers, 16 inches one is the real powerhouse with longer knives. It offers a broad extent of work. Do you have large workshop? This jointer will help you out.

  • Cutting Depth:
    Cutting depth gives an impact on the number of passes that you require to build to get an entirely straight board. The usual cutting depth should be 1.5 inches to 2.5 inch which is more than enough with the benchtop jointers.

Consider what kind of work you will be doing, how significant efficiency and speed are and do focus on the jointer with the suitable cutting depth.

  • Fence:
    ​Design of the fence differs significantly but a smooth procedure is paramount. Fence angling can be simplified if you have positive stops. Maximum fences are angled in between 30 degrees and 120 degrees along with the positive stop at 90 degrees and 45 degrees.

Fence should be rigid, durable and flat. Buying a benchtop jointer with shoddy fence can seriously lessen your pleasure and it can lead to pitiable planning results.

  • Type of the table:
    If you are planning to make flat facades on the wood, the table should be totally flat and parallel to the knives. Generally, the long table will give you a straighter joint. If you are working with the intricate and small pieces, it won’t make any sense to give priority to an extended table. This is also true if you have space constraints.
  • Power:
    The motor of the jointer ranges from 1 Horsepower to 2 Horsepower. Do not discount a smaller 1HP motor as it is more than ideal for the purpose of benchtop jointers.

Also watch out the voltage. The Jointers have been designed for household use requires 110-volt to 220-volt (standard) single-phase outlet. Big commercial units (Hulking) require 440-volts.

You are in secure hands with the single-phase motor for the purpose of benchtop jointers.

  • Head:
    The spiral-shaped cutting heads make utilization of the 4-sided cutter in spiral shape which becomes the standard of the industry. Jointers can easily shave off the wood in slicing movement which maximizes the efficiency and kicks out the noise than the straight-knives counterpart.

Jointers having spiral heads can also depart far less tooling marks which in turn helps to bring down your ultimate time.

  • Dust Collection:
    On the other hand, the usage of jointers generates a great amount of debris and dust. Always look for the jointer outfitted with an incorporated dust collector . You have to look at why protection in the workshop is important and to keep things dust and dust-free is a significant part of the operational safety.

Usage and maintenance tips: 

  • Wear ear and eye protection all times
  • Do not wear any kind of jewellery
  • Wear loose clothing having long sleeves
  • Keep your guard in proper place and correctly adjusted where it is relevant
  • Make sure you are staying away from back of board when it passes on or over the cutter
  • Try to  use push block so that it can keep your hands 6 inches away from cutter head
  • Turn clear of joint stock  which are less than 12’’ long
  •  Before firing up the jointer , check out the final depth of the cut 
  • Make sure your knives are well sharpened
  • Stand in a side of your jointer , not right away behind it
  • Before starting the cut, let your cutter head to reach ultimate speed 

What size jointer should I buy?

The distinction between professional and amateur jointers used to be understandable. Full-sized jointers can handle large board, but the small models cost around thousand dollars. The tabletop model was affordable but it could not stand up for serious use. 

Anyways, power improvements and quality make current benchtop jointers usable for the small projects at specialized woodworking shops.

What size jointer should I buy?

The small jointers are very light weighted to move around your shop, gives you the options on where to store and use them. It makes them great option if your space is restricted.

Bigger is not better always. Are you thinking to move about your jointer on and often? Though 8-inch model can be handled longer, you may get that you will use 6-inch model often because it is easy for pulling out and setting up. This makes the smaller one the better alternative if you are having cramped workspace.

Which one is the most suitable for you?

After discussing about the 7 different kinds of best benchtop jointers, we need come to a conclusion. It totally depends upon the purpose in which you are using the jointer. If you are looking for a multi-purpose jointer then you can opt for Delta Power Tools 37-071 6” MIDI-Bench Jointer. Well, it can be called as a little beast due to its power packed programme. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer, 6” is the best for you. Are you ready to grab the best option? Hurry up!

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